Board and management

Eksfin is chaired by a board and a managing director appointed by the Ministry of Trade and Industry. The employee representative and observer on the board are elected by the employees of Eksfin. The board decides on guarantee applications and claims for compensation, and sets conditions. The board is responsible for carrying out activities in line with the Storting’s adopted framework and ensuring that Eksfin’s target achievement is good. Furthermore, the board will develop strategic and operational goals for Eksfin.

The board also ensures that Eksfin has established good internal control and management systems. The board’s tasks also include taking care of the budget, accounts and finances in general. The board must also take care of reporting to higher authorities.

The board

From 1. juli 2021 Eksfin’s board consists of:

Chairman of the Board

Morten Støver


Board member

Ingelise Arntsen


Board member

Siri Hatlen


Board member

Karin Bing Orgland


Board member

John G. Bernander


Board member

Lars Erik Grødal

Møre og Romsdal

Board member

Leiv Kallestad


Board member

Preben Aakermann


Board member

Hans Melandsø


Read the press release from the government: Styret i Eksfin på plass


Tone Lunde Bakker leads Eksfin from 1. august 2021

Read the press release from the government: Tone Lunde Bakker skal lede Eksportfinansiering Norge