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Export Finance Norway (Eksfin) was established on 1 July 2021 through the merger of The Norwegian Export Credit Guarantee Agency (GIEK) and Export Credit Norway. Eksfin is an agency under the Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries. Our purpose is to provide efficient management of financing schemes for value-creating Norwegian exports. Eksfin also manages financing non-export oriented schemes. Through its loans and guarantees, Eksfin acts as a creditor to Norwegian and foreign companies or their banks.

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Transparency and confidentiality

Eksfin works to disseminate knowledge of its range of financing as widely as possible among Norwegian export industries, the financial industry, industry associations, and other stakeholders. Eksfin want to ensure transparency around what we do, and regularly give interviews to and write articles for the Norwegian and international press.

Eksfin adheres to the Norwegian Central Government Communication Policy and the Norwegian Freedom of Information Act, which regulates the right of access to the documents of public enterprises. Our annual reports provide a good overview of our operations, the fulfilment of our objectives, our loan and guarantee portfolio, and our future prospects. When Eksfin issues a new loan or guarantee, key information on the transaction is published at You will find the latest overview below.

Other information on specific loan and guarantee cases is exempt from public access in accordance with §1, third paragraph, point h of the Norwegian Freedom of Information Act, “issuance of guarantees”. Furthermore, Eksfin has a duty of confidentiality in respect of §13 of the Norwegian Freedom of Information Act and §13 of the Norwegian Public Administration Act. Eksfin cannot comment on dialogue with clients, applications that have been received or rejected, developments in individual companies, or the status of loans and guarantees after they have been issued.

Eksfin’s decisions in respect of right of access requirements can be appealed to the Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries. Appeals must be sent through Eksfin within three weeks of when the notification on the decision has been received, cf. § 32 of the Norwegian Freedom of Information Act and Chapter VI of the Norwegian Public Administration Act.

Issued loans and guarantees

An overview of issued loans and guarantees is available here.

Annual reports and governing documents

Central documents for Eksfin are available here

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