SDG Assessment Tool

Assess the potential effect at a transactional level

Try our user-friendly assessment tool which helps you identify a projects’ potential impact on the Agenda 2030. Create an instant overview to easily share your SDG project assessment with key stakeholders.


Before you start

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The 17 goals

In 2015 all UN members agreed to the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs). Visit the UN pages to learn more about the goals.

Evaluation principles

All environmental, social, economic and technical aspects of an activity may be taken into consideration when assessing a project or a transaction.

SDG assessment tool

How to use the tool

The tool is a free online resource to help you assess your transactions, encouraging opportunities and improved discussions.

Sign up to save your progress

Sign up for free to save your work at any time. You can access and edit all your assessments, and share them with your colleagues.

The process

How to start your SDG assessment

  1. Prepare relevant information

    To ensure an efficient assessment process, it is recommended that you prepare relevant background information such as XYZ.

  2. Choose relevant goals

    From the overview page, select relevant sustainable development goals for your transaction or project.

  3. Assessment of relevant goals

    Assess the project or transaction against each of the relevant sustainable development goals; both positive and negative effects.

  4. Overall evaluation

    Do an overall assessment of the project or transaction; does it have a positive, neutral or negative effect on the Agenda 2030 and the sustainable development goals.

  5. Share your assessment

    Share the SDG-assessment for peer review or use it as is for presentations, discussions, reporting or other purposes.

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