Conditions for Buyer Financing

Standard according to OECD and general practice in Eksfin. It is important to point out which conditions are offered will vary from transaction to transaction based on the Norwegian content of the transaction, what proportion of bank financing is included in the total financing of the contract / project, what is used as the export contract value, and which country the export goes to. Below is an overview of the maximum financing ratio, based on the value of the export contract (s), maximum repayment period and maximum local content in the recipient country that can be included in the financing basis.

Mortgage ratioMinimum risk coverage from a bank or equivalent financial institutionRepayment period high-income countriesRepayment period low- and middle-income countriesLocal content in high-income countriesLocal content low- and middle-income countries
Capital goods and services85% of the export contract10%8,5 years10 years40%50%
Renewable energy (including project financing)85% of export contract / 70% of total project cost10%/30%18 years18 years40% (45% for projects under SDR 10m)50%
Ship financing85% of export contract /
80% of total cost of the ship
10%/30%12 years12 years40%40%
Project financing85% of the export contract / 70% of the total project cost10%/30%14 years14 years40%50%
Government loans85% of the export contractNo requirements8,5 years10 years40%50%