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Norwegian state guarantees from Eksfin are sought after by banks and buyers worldwide. We have a wide-ranging international network and extensive experience in tailoring solutions to facilitate Norwegian export contracts.

What kinds of exports do we guarantee?

Guarantees can be issued for exports of Norwegian goods or services, or for export transactions that promote Norwegian value creation in other ways.

Eksfin buyer credit guarantees are for loans ranging up to 85 per cent of contract value. GIEK can cover both political and commercial risk for exports to most countries in the world. For information on how we view different countries, see the Country risk pages.

In the case of bond guarantees, Eksfin shares risk with the exporter’s bank.

If the overall risk is acceptable, Eksfin issues a guarantee. The contract is then executed as planned. If something goes wrong, Eksfin pays under the guarantee.

Before issuing a guarantee, we examine the borrower’s creditworthiness and ascertain that the export will be conducted in an ethical manner.

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