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Buyers of Norwegian goods and services have access to competitive financing solutions from Export Finance Norway (Eksfin).

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Promoting Norwegian export

Export Finance Norway (Eksfin) is a governmental institution offering attractive financing and guarantee coverage, regardless of market conditions. We offer financial solutions or share the risk by granting guarantees. This enables international buyers to purchase from Norwegian suppliers with long-term financing at competitive terms.

What we do

Why export financing?

  1. Secure financing

    Eksfin has the financing solutions Norwegian companies need to compete globally. In collaboration with a bank, we help small and large companies with long-term financing, guarantees and advice. Interest and premium terms are internationally competitive.

  2. Reduced risk

    Benefit from being backed by the Norwegian government when you buy Norwegian goods and services. A state guarantee from Eksfin, with its AAA rating, can increase lending capacity and help spread the risks for collaborating banks in Norway, or internationally.

  3. Experienced network

    We have a wide-ranging international network and extensive experience in tailoring solutions to facilitate Norwegian export contracts.

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