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Sakarya gas field development project (Turkey)

Export Finance Norway (Eksfin) is considering financing Subsea Umbilical, Risers and Flow Lines (SURF) to TP-OTC Sakarya Gas Field Development Project Phase 1.

The Sakarya Gas Field Development Project is planned by Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPAO) to extract, transport to shore and process the first natural gas discovered in the Sakarya Gas Field, in the exclusive economic zone of Turkey, off the Western Black Sea Region. Turkish Petroleum Offshore Technology Center (TP-OTC), 100% owned by TPAO will be responsible from the execution of the Project Management and Engineering, procurement, construction and installation of the project.

The Project consists of three main units, including the subsea production facility in Sakarya Gas Field, the onshore processing facility (OPF) in Filyos Industrial Zone in the Çaycuma district of Zonguldak province, and two offshore pipelines for gas transportation from the field to OPF and Mono-ethylene glycol transportation from OPF to the field, and an umbilical, all including shore crossings.

Under Phase 1, natural gas to be produced with the subsea production system from 10 wells in Sakarya Gas Field will be transported onshore through a 16-inch diameter, 165 km carbon steel pipeline, processed at the onshore production facility and the daily production capacity will reach a maximum of 10 million standard m3.

The processed gas will be offloaded to the national grid via a ~36 km 48” onshore pipeline, designed, constructed and operated by Petroleum Pipeline Corporation (BOTAŞ).

Eksfin has categorized the project as a category A, according to IFC Performance Standards and  carrying out environmental and social due diligence against Turkish national laws and regulations, IFC Performance Standards, Equator Principles, and the OECD Common Approaches.

The complete ESIA can be accessed through these links:

TP-OTC: Turkish / English

TPAO Site: Turkish / English

A non-technical summary is available upon request.