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Eksfin will host Berne Union 2024 for export credit agencies in Oslo

At the end of April, Eksfin, together with the Berne Union, will host a large member meeting in Oslo. The title for the meeting in Oslo is Innovation.
The geopolitical situation and the consequences for international trade will be high on the agenda. Also on the agenda is how export credit agencies handle rising inflation, increased protectionism, while ensuring necessary financing for the green transition. Around 200 international delegates are expected to attend Oslo from export credit agencies from around the world.”

Date and time

Date: 22 April 2024 - 25 April 2024

Time: 09:00 - 15:00

Location: Hotel Continental, Oslo, Norway

Berne Union Spring Meeting 22-25 April

“International cooperation is more important than ever.


The Berne Union is the world’s largest trade association for international export credit agencies and credit insurers, both private and public. The members of the Berne Union finance a significant portion of world trade and are an important network for Eksfin in promoting Norwegian exports. International export financing requires a great deal of specialized expertise, and the meeting in Oslo is an important platform for exchanging experiences and fostering international cooperation.”


“In a world characterized by geopolitical unrest and increased protectionism, international cooperation among export credit agencies is more important than ever to ensure free and fair global trade,” says Tone Lunde Bakker, CEO of Eksfin.


“The meeting in Oslo is much anticipated as several previously planned meetings have been canceled in recent years due to pandemic and war. I look forward to discussing the international challenges we face with colleagues from around the world here in Oslo in April,” she continues.


“Contributing to more efficient global trade.


Annually, Berne Union members provide around USD 2.5 trillion in risk mitigation and insurance to banks, exporters, and investors, equivalent to 13 percent of world trade in goods and services between countries. The organization, celebrating its 90th anniversary this spring, has existed since 1934, with its primary goal being to strengthen international trade.


Risk mitigation protects exporting companies, investors, and financial institutions from losses due to credit risk and political risk. Thus, export credit agencies contribute internationally to smoother global trade. Furthermore, credit insurance and political risk mitigation are crucial for facilitating investments across borders.


Data and analyses from the Berne Union are valuable for Eksfin’s work: Eksfin aims to ensure a competitive offering to Norwegian exporters compared to other countries. Berne Union meetings provide valuable insights into other countries’ export financing offerings, enabling Eksfin to ensure that the Norwegian export financing offering is in line with those of other countries.


Projects financed by Berne Union members often involve companies and projects that are particularly capital-intensive and where the financial risk is high. This includes renewable energy and green technology projects.”


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