Maritime sector

The Norwegian maritime industry is one of Norway’s largest export industries. Eksfin has a wide range of products and financing solutions that can help Norwegian shipyards, maritime suppliers, and shipping companies succeed in international markets.

Who does Eksfin help?

Eksfin provides financing solutions to Norwegian and foreign companies and banks. Eksfin helps businesses throughout the maritime value chain, at different stages and with different needs. Norwegian and foreign shipping companies, Norwegian shipyards and maritime suppliers, as well as banks can apply for financing from Eksfin.

  1. Shipyards

    There are many shipyards along the Norwegian coast that build many different types of vessels from speedboats and ferries to offshore construction ships and cruise ships. Shipyards normally need a construction loan when they enter into a contract with a shipping company to build a vessel. Eksfin can help shipyards by providing a construction loan guarantee.

  2. Suppliers to the maritime sector

    Norway has a large number of maritime suppliers who design, develop, manufacture, and assemble equipment and specialist services for all kinds of ships around the world. Norwegian maritime suppliers compete in a global market to win contracts. Eksfin can help Norwegian maritime suppliers directly and indirectly by catering for their various needs, some of which we’ve listed below:

    Working capital/production capacity/liquidity needs

    Winning contracts internationally – (financing services for shipping companies, contract guarantees, and the like)

  3. Shipping companies

    Eksfin can provide long-term financing to shipping companies buying ships built in Norway or Norwegian equipment on foreign-built ships, that are investing in environmentally friendly equipment and systems, or that are converting existing ships.

    Eksfin can also finance the acquisition of ships, including equipment and services, when vessels are wholly or partly built at a shipyard in Norway for use in Norway. The ship guarantee ensures the buyer’s repayment of the loan, thus covering the lender’s credit risk. Find out more about the Norwegian domestic ship guarantee.

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