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Africa’s largest solar power plant opened

This content was published before 1 July 2021 by GIEK or Eksportkreditt Norge

The opening means that the plant in Kalkbult was ready three months ahead of schedule. 

The Kalkbult plant is built with guarantees from GIEK. It is 105 hectars large, has a capacity of 75 MW and is located in one of South Africa's poorest regions. The plant will be able to provide 33,000 south african households with electricity.

Norwegian Scatec Solar delivers and is part owner in the solar power plant in Kalkbult. The process of organizing the project has happened partly in Norway and partly by Scatec Solar's German and South African subsidiaries, while the main components is delivered by suppliers in China, Germany and South Africa.  

Priority area for GIEK

GIEK has contributed with large guarantees for the Kalkbult project.

– We congratulate Scatec Solar with the opening. It is gratifying for us to see that Scatec meets not only our expectations, but also those of others. Renewable energy is a priority area for GIEK, and vi are more than happy to contribute with guarantees for the financing of such projects, says Ute B. Fosså, GIEKs Head of Renewable Energy.

Through projects such as Kalkbult, South Africa gets a boost within the renewable energy sector.

– We are happy that Norwegian companies and Norwegian export financing contributes to this boost. In addition, the fact that this project has had a positive effect on the locals, is definitely a plus, Fosså says.