Buyer financing

Eksfin can offer long-term loan to buyers of Norwegian goods and services. Eksfin can offer long-term loans on favorable terms and with long maturities.

About the product

Long-term buyer financing from Eksfin is available to:

  • International buyers of Norwegian capital goods and services.
  • Norwegian buyers of ships built at Norwegian shipyards or overseas using Norwegian equipment.

What loan products are available to buyers?

Eksfin can offer long-term loans on favourable terms and with long maturities. Loans from Eksfin have terms to maturity of at least two years and are issued in collaboration with a commercial bank or similar financial institution.

Eksfin must receive an application for financing before an export contract is signed. The application is non-binding and there is no application fee. The exporter or buyer should contact Eksfin at an early stage to discuss whether it can help finance a potential contract.

  1. For exporters

    An offer of long-term financing can be crucial to winning a contract. Norwegian exporters can submit an application on behalf of a potential client.

    In addition to purchase-based financing, Eksfin offers financing for capital goods produced by a Norwegian exporter for leasing to clients overseas. Furthermore, buyer financing can be applied for in relation to the establishment of own operations abroad that are based on the use of Norwegian equipment or Norwegian innovation.

  2. Buyers

    Applying for financing in order to invest in Norwegian capital goods or services? Eksfin can offer long-term loans or guarantees with long maturities and attractive terms. Choose a fixed or variable interest rate for the loan. Eksfin offers financing either on the basis of individual contracts or on the total value of Norwegian deliveries to a ship or a project.

    Find out more about interest rate options.

  3. Banks and financial institutions

    Eksfin cooperates with commercial banks, development banks or other financial institutions in virtually all transactions. Eksfin also frequently works with other export credit institutions.

    For international buyer financing, Eksfin has considerable flexibility and can offer loans, loans where a bank or financial institution guarantees the loan (funding) or guarantees to other lenders. Eksfin’s guarantees come with an AAA rating, which is very attractive to many banks. For international transactions, although Eksfin primarily issues loans directly to the buyer (borrower), loans can also be issued as on-lending via commercial banks or development banks.

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