Tender guarantee

This guarantee reimburses the expenses of Norwegian companies that engage in competitive tendering for aid-funded projects in developing countries.

About the product

What does the guarantee cover?

The guarantee is suitable for Norwegian suppliers that want to bid on contracts for aid-financed projects in developing countries.

If the company fails to win the contract, up to 50 per cent of its tender expenses may be reimbursed, to a maximum of NOK 250,000. Note that tendering costs must be at least NOK 80,000.

The scheme is financed by Norfund and administered by Eksfin.

Application process

How to apply for counter guarantee

Who can apply?

Norwegian companies.

How to apply?

Please start the process by filling in the application form.

What are the terms?

  • ODA reporting: The guarantee covers only tenders for the provision of goods or services to projects funded by development assistance. This must be documented.
  • Countries: All developing countries on the list below qualify. (Disregard the GDP/inhabitant limit in the guidelines for the scheme).
  • Tender costs: The company’s tender costs are at least NOK 80,000.
  • Previous guarantees: The company has not received a tender guarantee in the same country during the past 12 months.
  • The company meets all conditions stated in the invitation to tender.
  • The company must disclose all other small-scale (de minimis) support provided to it from state resources in any form during the preceding year. Combined support to an enterprise must not exceed EUR 200,000 in a three-year period. The guarantee recipient has a duty to inform GIEK of any such support, both on this application form and in the event an application is submitted for compensation payment (see Article 61 (1) of the EEA Agreement).
  • Export controls: The product delivered shall not be in conflict with the Act of December 18, 1987 relating to Control of the Export of Strategic Goods, Services, Technology, etc. (also known as the Export Control Act) or with the other export regulations enforced by the authorities. (If in doubt, contact the Section for Export Control at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.)