Cookie Policy

A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your computer when you visit a website.

Cookies can see whether you have previously visited the website, and can be used to analyse general user patterns on the website. By using the website you consent to us placing cookies in your web browser. You can withdraw this consent at any time, and you can delete cookies in your browser.

We also use third-party cookies to be able to give users of relevant marketing and a good user experience.

Below, you can find a list of the cookies we use at


Cookieconsent – Created when you accept use of cookies on our website. Deleted after one year.


  • _ga – Google Analytics – Used to differentiate between users. Deleted after two years.
  • gac – Google Analytics – Contains advertising-related information about the user. If you have linked your Google Analytics and AdWords accounts, AdWord’s website conversion tags are read from this cookie, unless you choose to opt out. Deleted after 90 days.
  • _gid – Google Analytics – Used to differentiate between users. Deleted after 24 hours.
  • _gat – Google Analytics – Used to increase the request rate. Deleted after one minute.
  • AMP_TOKEN – Google Analytics – Contains a token that can be used to retrieve a client ID from the AMP Client ID service. Deleted between 30 seconds and one year after use.
  • Hotjar cookies – Measure, observe and retrieve data on user behaviour at You can see a complete list here. Deleted after one year.
  • pll_language – Identifies the user’s current language choice for the website in order to be able to set the following values: en or no. Deleted after one year.


  • EmarketeerPing – Stores a unique key that only the eMarketeer application can connect to a contact. Records which pages the contact visits. Deleted after two years.
  • _gaexp – Used by Google Analytics to determine whether the visitor is part of a marketing experiment. Deleted after three months.
  • LinkedIn (JSESSIONID, lidc, bcookie, bscookie, visit) – These cookies are used to determine which platform the session has been redirected from, maintain control of the share buttons and ad tags, identify the web browser’s ID, recognise a secure browser ID, and internal services offered by LinkedIn. Deleted after one year. (lidc within 24 hours.)


This website uses automated marketing technology called eMarketeer to collect data on visitors’ behaviour on the website. The application stores a cookie for this purpose. Using this cookie makes it possible to identify the web browser used by the user. The cookie used by eMarketeer only contains a random text string (e.g. EmarketeerPing = Z3PxJgEvkY7eb2ikUDkf) and does not store any data that makes it possible to identify the user. When you visit our website, eMarketeer’s tracking script sends a string as shown above together with the website address to eMarketeer’s server in Ireland. The data is collected for relevant information and optimisation purposes.

If you have already given eMarketeer your personal information, (name, e-mail address and other information), this text string and the website’s URL will be attached to your existing profile. We can only use this information to give visitors specific information about the company’s products and services. The information is only shared with eMarketeer, where this data is stored. You can turn off data collection and storage at any time by blocking the eMarketeer cookie in the browser settings.

Deleting cookies

You can decide for yourself whether to accept or decline to consent to the storing of cookies. You can also turn off cookies in your web browser. Please note that there are tools that can scan and/or provide you with an overview of which cookies are used on the websites you visit. Read more about cookies and how to manage them.