Investment financing

Investment financing enables Norwegian companies to invest in activities in Norway. If you are investing in non-current assets, Eksfin can assist with loans and/or risk reduction. This also applies to sustainable solutions with export potential.

About the product

Loan and risk reduction

Eksfin offers financing for export-related investments and climate-friendly projects with export potential. Through market loans and guarantees for export-related investments, such as systems and technology, we have the possibility to provide greater flexibility between loans and guarantees. Eksfin shares the risk with commercial banks and unremittently mirrors the terms and conditions of the bank. The company’s bank submits the application for investment financing to Eksfin.

Investment financing is also suitable for companies with export ambitions if they are not already established exporters.

Sub-suppliers that are part of the value chain for such investments may also qualify for this type of financing solution.

This product replaces what was previously known as the ‘internationalisation guarantee’.

  1. Financing of export-related investments

    If you are intending to increase your export turnover, we can offer loans and risk mitigation. For established exporters, Eksfin can offer loans and guarantees in connection with investments in non-current assets in Norway. The investment must directly or indirectly lead to exports.

    We can either offer loans where Eksfin bears the risk with the bank or provide guarantees for loans from another lender. Eksfin can bear up to 50% of the risk attached to the loan and provide the same terms and conditions as the banks. The solution is suitable for long-term investment in all types of businesses aiming for global growth.

    At least 50% of the turnover or the export-related investment must go to exports.

  2. Financing of climate-friendly investments with export potential

    Eksfin can offer loans and/or guarantees for climate-friendly investments with export potential. This means that the company carries out manufacturing or manufactures solutions in a way that helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and leads to exports during the course of 5–10 years.

Terms and conditions

Useful information

Eksfin shares the risk with commercial banks and unremittently mirrors the terms and conditions of banks.

What is meant by export potential?

A minimum annual export share of 30% of the total turnover or turnover resulting from investments within 5–10 years.

What is climate-friendly investment?

The investment must comply with the principles of the EU Taxonomy with emphasis on Environmental Goal 1. Projects that fall outside the EU Taxonomy must qualify as ‘green’ based on Eksfin’s policy for categorising green transactions.

What does the financing cost?

Both the pricing of loans and guarantees are set in cooperation with the bank based on the credit risk in each individual case. We focus on debt-servicing capacity, security, the buyer’s business model and general financial position.

How to apply

The company’s bank sends the application to Eksfin. You must therefore contact your bank to find out whether investment financing is relevant for your undertaking.


Examples of investments

We have created a few examples of the types of investments that qualify for investment financing from us.

Factory conversions

Company X needs to convert its factory in Norway to exploit the advantages of new technology. The factory manufactures products which the company exports to existing clients overseas. By investing in its factory in Norway, the company will be able to manufacture products throughout the year, thereby increasing its exports.


A loan from bank A, where Eksfin guarantees 50%.

Investment in pilot projects

Company Y wants to invest in a pilot project in Norway before implementing a global rollout. The purpose of the project is to develop new technology for exporting to industrial companies manufacturing solutions to achieve climate goals. Examples are technology for self-driving heavy vehicles or solutions for ‘climate-smart’ ports.


A loan from bank A, where Eksfin guarantees 50%, in addition to a loan from Eksfin, where bank A guarantees 70%.

Export ambitions

Company Z has built a new factory for the manufacturing of end products that can be sold to manufacturing companies overseas. The company has started manufacturing and aims to export more than 50% of its own end product.


Pre-delivery financing from bank A, where Eksfin guarantees 30%. Long-term financing from bank A, where Eksfin guarantees 50%.

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