Grievance Procedure

Eksfin is committed to conducting its business with honesty and integrity. It is important that any undesirable conditions related to our projects are communicated to us so that we can take the appropriate corrective actions. Please use the form below to provide information on unacceptable issues including:

  • Unsafe or unacceptable working environments
  • Potential criminal offences
  • Corruption or financial crime
  • Environmental issues


Eksfin has a duty of confidentiality regarding the identity of anyone who reports potentially illegal or sensitive matters. We will take every reasonable precaution to keep confidential the identity of anyone raising a concern.

Use the form to report your issue

Eksfin will be notified when the grievance form is completed. Your information is important, and we encourage you to give as detailed a description of the issues as possible. Your claim will be handled in accordance with Eksfin’s whistleblowing routines, led by Head of Compliance and Chief Legal Officer. If contact information is provided, you will receive information on the status and outcome of the case.


You can choose to remain anonymous when making your claim. If you choose to be anonymous, we will not be able to keep you updated on the status of your reported claim.


You may upload documents, images or related files that supports your claim.

Maximum upload size: 516MB