Fisheries and aquaculture

Eksfin offers long-term financing and guarantees to support Norwegian exports and internationalization in aquaculture and fisheries. Eksfin can provide loans to both Norwegian and foreign buyers, and its guarantee products offer risk relief from the state to banks and companies in Norway and abroad. In this way, Eksfin helps in the realisation of projects for Norwegian export-oriented businesses.

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About the industry

Fisheries and aquaculture in Norway

The fisheries and aquaculture industry is one of Norway’s leading export industries. In 2020, Norway exported seafood worth NOK 100 billion to more than 150 countries. The seafood industry contributes to value creation and employment along the entire coast and also plays a key role in research, the development of technology, and innovation. 

Our solutions

What do Eksfin offer?

We offer a wide range of financing solutions in order to support companies and banks when trading with Norway. In addition to facilitating international buyers, Eksfin can offer loans to Norwegian buyers of ships and maritime equipment.

  1. Fishing industry

    Eksfin offers loans and guarantees for the new construction of fishing boats at Norwegian shipyards for both Norwegian and foreign buyers. If the vessel is built at a foreign shipyard, Eksfin can finance the Norwegian equipment and service deliveries supplied for the vessel.

  2. Aquaculture projects

    Eksfin offers loans and guarantees to foreign buyers of Norwegian equipment and service deliveries for aquaculture. This includes aquaculture projects both on land and at sea.

  3. Vessels and mobile facilities for aquaculture

    Eksfin offers loans and guarantees for vessels and mobile facilities for aquaculture. This includes wellboats, processing boats, service vessels, and mobile aquaculture installations and sea cages.

Financing solutions

Trade with Norway

We help Norwegian companies grow internationally. We take on risk and provide financing, so Norwegian companies can compete in global markets.

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