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Financing for small and medium-sized businesses manufacturing overseas

Eksfin is committed to SMBs

Small and medium-sized businesses are a key focus area for Export Finance Norway (Eksfin). We are seeing a larger number of requests for financial risk mitigation in relation to Norwegian companies manufacturing overseas. With overseas manufacturing, companies must first import products to only then sell them overseas.
Over a short period of time, Eksfin has cooperated with banks and financed numerous small and medium-sized businesses, for example, Norwegian exporters MiniMeis and Oscar Pedersen to secure the need for liquidity in connection with importing for exporting.

Guarantees delivery for both the buyer and seller

For Norwegian companies manufacturing overseas, a letter of credit could be of great help. The letter of credit financing product guarantees delivery for both the buyer and seller. It solves the liquidity needs of the Norwegian company, and the manufacturer and buyer are guaranteed safe delivery and settlement. Do you sell overseas and need financing? Contact us!
Cathrine Høgebøl, Senior Account Manager at Eksfin