OECD A + OECD B projects

Information on high-risk projects that Eksfin is considering financing, as well as an overview of the high-risk projects for which Eksfin has already offered or provided financing is found here.

Eksfin publishes information on applications in risk categories A or B for projects that fall under the OECD Common Approaches and/or Equator Principles.

For a category A project that falls within the OECD Common Approaches and/or the Equator Principles, a non-technical summary of the impact assessment (ESIA) of the project must be published at least 30 days before the final decision in Eksfin (e.g. guarantee issued or loan committed).

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Category A project

Projects under evaluation

Projects for which financing has been granted:

Project nameEksfin’s involvementSectorCountryOECD/EP categoryYearE&S information
NingboGuarantee + loanAquacultureChinaB2020
Changfang Xiadao havvindkraft prosjektGuaranteeOffshore WindTaiwanA2020
Seagreen WindparkGuaranteeOffshore WindUnited KingdomB2020
Doggerbank A+BGuarantee+ loanOffshore WindUnited KingdomA2021