Application for buyers

Before you begin

The application process is for buyers of Norwegian goods and services. A  buyer can obtain a loan guarantee to finance a purchase from Norway, or a guarantee framework covering multiple purchases over time (buyer credit guarantees). The buyer can also guarantee against loss of advance payment or loss due to non-delivery (bond guarantee).

  • Buyer’s application
  • Purchase from Norway
  • Avoid delays from financial constrains
Application for buyers

Information about the buyer

To be filled in if you submit the application as an agent, facilitator / broker, bank, syndicate or similar

Agent Information

Briefly describe what you want to finance, and a little about how the project is intended for export. Also describe other significant factors such as banks, customers, etc. Attachments and documentation can be submitted when we contact.
Fill in information about the exporter.

Exporter information

We only contact your contracting party if you have given your consent to this.

For technical support contact: +47 400 80 400