The application process step by step

When Eksfin receive your application, a financial advisor will be assigned to your case for further contact. Our processing team will analyze your transaction based on various documentation, research and customer meetings.

  1. Apply by using our forms

    Fill in relevant application form on our website.

  2. Customer advisor will get in touch

    When we receive your application, you will get a assigned a financial advisor. If you already have a dedicated advisor, this will normally be the person who follows up on your transaction.

  3. Meeting with bank

    When the buyer confirms the interest to pursue the application, or we have received an application directly from a bank, a possible financial transaction plan will be discussed with all parties involved. A plan on how to ensure further progress will also be made.

  4. Credit risk assessment

    Based upon the document received, our team will perform credit risk analysis to determine the risk rating. The analysis is often done with other financial parties involved in the transaction, however Eksfin will also perform own research and evaluations to assess if the customer is creditworthy.  

  5. Loan or guarantee is offered

    If the application is approved, Eksfin will offer financing in terms of loan, guarantee or cover the risk for a loan.

  6. Transaction completed

    When contractual obligations have been agreed upon, and anti-corruption policies signed, the transaction can be completed.