OECD A Project

Dogger Bank C Wind Farm (United Kingdom)

Export Finance Norway  (Eksfin) is considering financing equipment to SSE Renewables’ and Equinor’s construction and operation of Dogger Bank C Wind Farm project.

The Dogger Bank project is the world’s largest offshore wind farm under development and is located off the Yorkshire coast in England. Each phase will have a generation capacity of 1.2GW and will provide a substantial contribution to renewable electricity in the UK.

Dogger Bank C extends across an area of 560 km² and is located 196 km from the nearest land point. A total of 87 wind turbines will be installed, and the project also includes other infrastructure offshore and on land.

Eksfin has categorised the project as a category A, based on the size of the project and the area affected, with key environmental and social risks related to effects on the sea and bird life and possible impact on environmentally sensitive areas. Documentation and information requirements in the UK for this type of project are extensive with a “Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP)” process that includes baseline environmental and social studies, input from NGOs, action and follow-up plans, monitoring and reporting, social impact, quality systems, safety requirements, and finally decommissioning.

Access a Non-Technical Summary of the Environmental Statement here

Further documentation is available here: Dogger Bank Teesside A / Sofia Offshore Wind Farm (formerly Dogger Bank Teesside B) – Project previously known as Dogger Bank Teesside A&B | National Infrastructure Planning (planninginspectorate.gov.uk) 

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